best tool storage cabinets

How to Find the Best Tool Cabinets for Your Garage

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Tools for repairs and construction come in a wide variety. In order to stay organized and sane during a project, it always helps to have a reliable storage cabinet to hold the tools when they aren’t being used. Below are some considerations to help ensure you purchase the right storage cabinet.

Durable Construction

Tools are heavy and need adequate support during storage. It helps to have a cabinet that is sturdy and made of material that can withstand the weight of tools and contact with various fluids regularly used in a garage setting.

Mobile vs. Stationary

The tool cabinet can either travel with you throughout your work area or stay in one place and allow you to do the moving and collecting. If you opt for one that moves, it helps to find a sturdy construction with smooth operating castors to facilitate the ease of transition on rougher floors. For those who don’t mind the cabinet staying in one location, it allows for a heavier construction because the cabinet won’t be required to move smoothly.

best tool storage cabinets

Variety of Storage

Tools come in different shapes, sizes and weights. For those that have multiple sockets or come in a set that you want to be easily accessible yet stored together, the storage areas can’t be uniform.


For someone whose tools will be kept in an enclosed garage, the cover is optional. However, for anyone whose tools will see rough weather and be exposed to rain or snow, it is smart to make sure the preferred purchase includes a sturdy and protective cover.


If you have the extra money to spend, it is worth the time to look for the cabinets that have various fun features, like a refrigerator or an AM/FM/CD player. Most offer an integrated power strip, which is less an amenity than a necessity. The rest is left to the buyer’s discretion.

In order to find the best tool storage cabinets, it is always a wise idea to have a price range, understand where you’ll be keeping your tools and what size and durability you are expecting in regard to your storage method.