blower wheel puller

A Great Blower Tool For All HVAC Technicians To Use

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blower wheel puller

It’s still being billed as a new tool to use. Nevertheless, this blower wheel puller is a great tool for all HVAC service repair, maintenance and installation technicians to use. It allows them to easily remove all blowers and fan blades during their repair, maintenance and installation work. They can do this removal quickly, in as little as two minutes, and without the aid of a second technician. So, here, costs are being saved while speed does not impede upon necessary efficiency. Saving time and money, the tool is quite easy for technicians to use.

It is adaptable for work in confined spaces. The blower wheel puller is made up of no more than ten parts. These parts can be purchased separately by business owners whenever a part is lost or damaged. The basic kit is equipped with two screws, one six inches in size, and the other, as much as 15 inches in size. Four hub covers are included in the kit. There is a five inch hollow sleeve, adapter and a set of securing screws included as well. So, whenever the HVAC technician, readily armed with his new puller, needs replacements, he can purchase them.

It must, however, be pointed out that this tool has specifically been designed to service domestic use HVAC equipment. Care and maintenance of the tool can be successful, provided all instructions or directions are followed. The blower wheel puller can be used no other way, other than by the laid down instructions. No parts can be force fitted to this tool. And it is recommended that after each use, the tool is put through a thorough inspection. To prolong its use, the tool should be lubricated before use and during storage.